The Best Paintball Gun Reviews 2018 – Top Markers For All Levels

Updated: January 30th 2018

Dye proto rail maxxedDye Proto Rail MaXXed9.7$$$Best Deal on Amazon
Dye proto railDye Proto Rail9.6$$$Best Deal on Amazon
Tippmann Cronus TacticalTippmann Cronus Tactical9.5$Best Deal on Amazon
tippmann x7 phenomTippmann X7 Phenom9.4$$$Best Deal on Amazon
tippmann 98 customTippmann 98 Custom Platinum9.4$$Best Deal on Amazon
us army project salvo paintball gunUS Army Project Salvo9.3$$Best Deal on Amazon
tippmann cronus tacticalTippmann Cronus9.3$Best Deal on Amazon
spyder mr100 paintball gunSpyder MR1009.2$Best Deal on Amazon
gog envy paintball gunGoG eNVy8.9$$Best Deal on Amazon
azodin blitz 3 paintball gunAzodin Blitz 38.7$$$Best Deal on Amazon

Whether you’re a beginner or an adept marksman, you need to find the best paintball gun that will help you enjoy the sport and kick some serious ass. And while there are many brands of markers in the market, choosing the most accurate one for your specific needs & wants is sometimes a challenge.

For instance, there are markers & guns specifically designed for speedball and woodsball, while others are made for use in scenario games. Hence, the criteria to finding the best marker is choosing one that matches YOUR level of skill and type of game YOU want to engage in. That means you have to compare among the leading marker brands in the market to identify the one that will be most ideal for YOU.

You have to learn about each marker’s technical specifications, it’s functionality and the price at which it is sold. You also need to know how heavy and durable is. We all know that paintball is good for you, but you don’t want a marker that’s too light/heavy.

Before you get started, you need to know the importance of selecting the best marker for the game.

Best Paintball Gun 2018 – The Top Ten

Dye proto rail maxxedDye Proto Rail MaXXed9.7$$$Best Deal on Amazon
Dye proto railDye Proto Rail9.6$$$Best Deal on Amazon
Tippmann Cronus TacticalTippmann Cronus Tactical9.5$Best Deal on Amazon
tippmann x7 phenomTippmann X7 Phenom9.4$$$Best Deal on Amazon
tippmann 98 customTippmann 98 Custom Platinum9.4$$Best Deal on Amazon
us army project salvo paintball gunUS Army Project Salvo9.3$$Best Deal on Amazon
tippmann cronus tacticalTippmann Cronus9.3$Best Deal on Amazon
spyder mr100 paintball gunSpyder MR1009.2$Best Deal on Amazon
gog envy paintball gunGoG eNVy8.9$$Best Deal on Amazon
azodin blitz 3 paintball gunAzodin Blitz 38.7$$$Best Deal on Amazon

While there are many brands of markers & guns in the market today, only a few can guarantee you great performance. You need a brand that’s customizable enough to help you make the most accurate shots out of your skills. With extensive comparison, you can find a marker that performs better at a reasonable price. Below is a list of the top ten best markers you can find in the market.

#1. Dye Proto Rail MaXXED

This is the absolute top marker on the market in our opinion. The Proto Rail MaXXed is a marker that’s designed with fuse bolt technology and color-coded o-rings for simplified maintenance. This marker also features a solenoid that comes with a consistent air flow and a lightweight Hyper regulator that promises a high flow and smooth velocity adjustment.

Equipped with an adjustable trigger, the Proto Rail is designed with ultralight frame that ensures ultimate ergonomic comfort. And what’s more, its solid aluminum body bolt and trigger guarantees increased durability. Some other key features to look for in this marker include a 14’’ barrel, Dye Lock Down Leaver, Lock clamp feed neck and proto Padded Gun Sace. With that, you can enjoy top-level performance at a very reasonable price.

Key Features

-Color coded o-rings: This feature allows you to quickly identify the o-ring that needs replacement to ensure you easily perform maintenance on your marker.

-Eye pipe and patent pending: The internal design of the Dye Proto rail gun is designed with a critical system that ensures you enjoy stress-free performance. With a polycarbonate self-cleaning anti-chop eye system you can shield your eye from dirt while the broken paint ensures your eyes monitor the breach and ball drop. The eye pipe system is specifically designed to eliminate miss feed, striped plate mounting screws and external eye plates.

-Hyper regulator- The new in-line regulator that comes with the Proto Rail MaXXed is sleeker, smaller and more consistent. That ensures there’s precise increments of air pressure adjustment thus make shooting more accurate.

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#2. Dye Proto Rail

Dye Proto Rail

Another absolutely top paintball marker, the Dye Rail is one of the best entry level and mid-level marker model that you can ever find in the market. Perfectly designed for beginners and casual players, its high-end features make it a solid marker on every aspect. It only goes for a price of about $250 and so you can be assured it won’t break your bank. And its lightweight design, you can comfortably carry it around without worrying about losing to the opponent.

Key Features

Solid Body Design with Ergonomic Feel

Compared to other major brands in the market, The Proto Rail is more diminutive. One of the outstanding features of the marker is its solid aluminum hourglass ergonomic frame. It also comes with an eye pipe system that prevents accumulation of dirt, lasers within the chamber to prevent ball breakage and an adjustable clamping feedneck. The marker’s sharp lines, aggressive curves and general aesthetic make it one of the most attractive designs in the market today. You can find it in a variety of colors including black, red, blue, orange, tan, purple among other impressive colors.


The Proto Rail comes with Hyper 3 regulator, a feature that makes its optimal performance better than other markers within the same price range. With an operating air-efficiency of 155 psi, the marker is capable of producing 15-18 balls/second. And with enough space created for finger spraying, it makes it easier to achieve maximum performance whether learning paintballing or playing for recreation.


Dye Proto Rail box comes with a complete manual, Allen-wrenches, lube, warranty and an 11-inch barrel with the marker itself. With its 9-volt battery, you can go beyond half a million shots and enjoy an additional 40,000 shots. If you can regularly clean and tune your Proto rail marker, then you can use it for many years, something which guarantee you value for your money.

You can compare the Dye Proto Rail MaXXed with the Dye Proto Rail in the video below:

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#3. Tippmann Cronus Tactical

Tippmann Cronus Tactical

One of the best paintball markers on the market today is the Cronus Tactical. it’s a marker that is designed to offer high performance and improved durability to the user. It basically features a 6-position collapsible stock, mock silencer with a front sight, vertical grip and a carry handle and a 6-position. It also comes with an in-line bolt design and a high-impact composite body that provides superior reliability.

Key Features

-High-impact composite body design

-Semi-automatic marker

-Front and rear fixed sights

-High performance ported barrel

-Internal gas line

-Soft over molded grips


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#4. Tippmann Cronus

Tippmann Cronus

The Tippmann Cronus is a paintball gun that comes with a milsim body that combines performance and durability to ensure value for your money. With a price as low as $100, you can get this marker and start your journey to experiencing the best of paintballing.

The marker is designed with a high-impact and composite body lightweight as well as internal gas line and molded-rubber grips for extra comfort, greater control and easier maneuverability. The Tippmann Cronus also has 4 Picatinny rails that guarantee easier modification as you utilize the marker’s proven inline system.

The thing we really love about the Tippmann Cronus marker is that it is different to the usual black. The tan or green colour makes this gun unique, beautiful and BADASS! It’s just what you need if you wanna stand out from the crowd with your paintball gun. Finally, the fact it comes with a mock suppressor out of the pack is pretty damn sweet.

Key Features

-Lightweight designed gun

-Easy to accessorize

-Barrel Thread of Tippmann A5

-A proven high-performance inline bolt system

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#5. Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum

The Tippman 98 paintball gun is the successor of the previous famous Model 98. We’ve noticed that lots of sites have this as their top paintball gun of 2017 but for us, the above pip it ever so slightly. That said, it’s still an incredible marker. It comes with the best quality that guarantees better functionality. It’s particularly suitable for beginners because it’s easy to use as well as simple to clean. Moreover, this marker can be customized with a variety of upgrades while it still exudes the qualities of a sturdy marker in the market.

Key Features

Improved Durability

This gun is so durable! There are many reasons that make the Tippmann 98 the best custom field rental marker there is. Among them is its ability to withstand player falls, rolls, crawls and inclement weather conditions and so much more. You can actually run over this marker or go for years without cleaning and still enjoy superb performance with this model. And with a high quality metal design your can still enjoy comfortable grip in the front and rear as well. A solid gun.

Making Shots

The Tippmann 98’s shooting prowess can never be underestimated. The marker delivers accurate shots while providing shootings that match higher-end markers of higher price spectrum. It rattles of up to 8 shots per second and with that speed you can enjoy maximum satisfaction regardless of the level of your skill or experience. However, with this model of gun, you should expect it to recoil during use, something that can affect the quality of shots. This is the only downside but generally you can count on this marker to offer great performance on the field.

Potential to Upgrade

The fact that The Tippman 98 gun has enormous upgrade potential makes it one of the best brands in the market today. There are many upgrades available and the good news is that installing them is simple. Some of the amenities you can try for the gun include cyclone feed systems, electronic grips, response triggers, expansion chambers, drop forwards, customer shrouds and high-end barrels. This means you can customize the it to your own specifications for an added advantage on the field.

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#6. US Army Project Salvo

US Army Project Salvo

The US Army Project Salvo paintball gun comes with the looks, performance and reliability that would be expected from a high-end marker. It features a high performance 11-inch ported barrel, top and side Picatinny rails for accessorizing and a magazine which also serves as storage. These markers upgrades include Response trigger, E-Trigger kit and Cyclone Feed System. These features make it a perfect marker for both the beginners and those who are experienced.

This is an affordable gun, and it’s based on the 98 custom platinum prototype. The fact that it’s affordable means that a lot of beginners (but not CHEAP beginners) will pick this up. If that’s you – well done!

Also, that gold star on the side is pretty badass. COME ON, ADMIT IT!

Main Features

-All-aluminum receiver

-True milslim look that comes with proven performance and reliability

-Four Picatinny rails on the shroud

-AR15 look with 6-position collapsible plus folding stock

-Tippmann proven inline bolt system

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#7. Tippmann X7 Phenom

Tippmann X7 Phenom

The Tippmann X7 Phenom is the first electro-pneumatic marker designed with FlexValave technology and promises to offer air efficiency, manual or electronic mode firing and superior accuracy. The gun also offers flexibility of compressed air usage or CO2, making it one of a kind. Operating below 300 PSI, you can enjoy efficient firing of more than 1,400 shots from a 4500 psi tank. With Tippmann X7’s spool valve design, recoil is eliminated hence paving way for increased accuracy. And since its design incorporates fewer wear parts; you are assured of enjoying easier maintenance.

The body of the gun is so lightweight and sweet to hold. Its aluminium frame allows this to be so light. It also looks distinctively more military than other guns. Maybe it’s the unique (and GREAT) feature of having an internal gas line. Maybe it’s the fact that it lacks a cocking handle. It keeps a low profile and is stealthy, which is exactly what we want!


-Compact and lightweight aluminum bodied gun

-All-metal trigger for enhanced stability

-Push pin construction that guarantees easy field stripping

-Magnetically-activated Hall Effect electronics

-Three Position selector switch: 3rd position has 5 firing modes

-Quick release magazine with inbuilt tool storage

-Picatinny top rail for easier addition of new sights and handles

-Removable rear an front sights

-Modular foregrip and two rails for added sight and scope

-9.5 inch high performance stone-honed barrel

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#8. Spyder MR100

The Spyder MR100 is a military-styled semi automatic tactical marker for a starter or intermediate player. With a durable construction and reliable technology, you enjoy the best performance and accuracy with this marker. Its high impact clamping feedneck and 2-finger aluminum trigger frame makes it of the best markers in the market that guarantees value for your money. Generally, there are plenty of reasons why you should purchase this model for your next recreational paintball gun game or tournament.

Features and Advantages

-Military-style semi-automatic marker

-High impact Polymer-clamping feedneck

-Aluminum picatinny rail mounting system on the side

-Quick Disconnect pin

-Steel Braided Hose Line

-High-impact Polymer M14 Vertical Fore-grip

-Two-finger trigger

-One speed Velocity Adjuster

-Anti-double feed ball detent

-Compatible with compressed Air and Co2

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#9. GoG eNVy

The GoG eNVy paintball gun is a great economical marker with minimal recoil, and it doesn’t chop balls. Entry and mid-range level players will enjoy this marker as it is both lightweight and easy to use. Although it’s cheaper, it runs on state of the art technology and therefore will be more than a match for more advanced or expensive markers you may find in the field.

We have grown into this gun a lot over the past few months. It didn’t immediately strike us as a Top 10 marker but we were wrong. After a few turns in the field, we knew that this baby had bang for buck. This gun is definitely one you will warm to.

Key Features

-Smooth and easy low pressure anti-chop

-light micro switch and 2 point adjustable stock double trigger

-ready to shoot up to 11 balls per second

-Hammer free Electro-pneumatic Design

-Smart Parts barrel thread and 10” ported .693 barrel

-Guaranteed to give more shots per full tank than most other markers

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#10. Azodin Blitz 3


The Azodin Blitz 3 is an advanced model of marker that’s generally built around a solid frame and very dependable body. This marker is basically designed for recreational shooting or tournament play. With its body made of lightweight materials, it is easier to carry around and you can never slow down while playing. It’s a well-rounded marker that guarantees you better performance and reliability in the field or woods.

The gun itself is pretty gorgeous isn’t it? It’s shapely and sleek. It has everything that we would look for, and it’s a solid gun. Although this won’t be one of the most visible guns on the field, we recommend it for our readers. Have any of you guys tried it? Anyone who has used this gun extensively has LOVED it.



One of the features that make Blitz 3 the best option in a number of scenarios is its dependability. It’s ideally built with a nylon-reinforced composite frame that ensures you enjoy seamless gaming while out there on the fields. This means you can play on all environments including the most challenging ones.


The Azodin marker is built on a technology that allows it to run smoothly while saving on your precious gas. It particularly utilizes a piston and integrated seat to ensure less gas is used while gaming. That ensures you really save on your time and money as you enjoy the gaming process as well.


Older marker designs are known for their heavy weight, but Azodin makes everything lightweight even as you play. Blitz 3 Weights around 2.05 pounds, which means you can never slow down while playing in the fields or aiming in the woods. That gives you the advantage of using a more lightweight marker, and you’ll definitely find it easier to load more paintballs or carry more gear.


Apart from the performance and weight of the model you’re choosing, another important aspect of a perfect marker is the sound it produces. The high-powered Azodin Blitz 3 is remarkably quiet in any setting. This can allow you to sneak around while picking off your opponents without being caught. While a noisy game is sometimes captivating, a quieter gameplay is better because you’re keen on getting your opponent down.


Azodin Blitz 3 comes with a very generous warranty policy. It will keep the performance of your marker on check. With a 1-year warranty, you can work out any bugs or issues to ensure the product meets the standards is was designed for. You are assured of strong build and quality that will last a lifetime with this form of warranty. And with that, you are guaranteed value for your money as you enjoy a superb gameplay.


We have chosen our ten favourite guns here, but that does NOT mean that if your favourite isn’t mentioned that you have purchased a dud. The paintball market is a strange one. It has lots of very high quality markers but also lots of shitty ones. There is nothing more annoying than purchasing a gun only to find it is useless for the amount you spent.

It’s important to check out our individual review pages, as they go into complete detail as to why we came to the score that we did, and hopefully guide you safely and swiftly towards your new best friend on the battlefield!

A lot of work and testing went into these markers to come to this final list of top markers. You will not go wrong with these, we can guarantee that! Feel free to check out each review for the markers and Happy Huntin’ 😉